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Why is your smartphone so slow?

Reasons for slow operation and what's behind it.

You buy a new phone, and you are so happy, but after a while, your buddy becomes thoughtful and forgetful. Games don't function, the phone overheats and even switches off spontaneously.

Reason #1

Background processes

These are the main foe of the RAM and the biggest opponent of the speed. We are not against background work where it comes to messengers, navigators, or other programs where it's really necessary.

Reason #2

Memory wear

The less free memory you have, the more problems will be connected with it. The average duration of the smartphone's internal memory is 2-3 years.

Reason #3

Software and apps Update

Updates are great as long as your phone is suitable. Unfortunately, technical development apps need more storage and the productivity of your phone doesn't grow with age.

Reason #4

Battery Health

Over time batteries become less effective and it can lead to overheating or even switching off/resetting spontaneously. In these cases overheat causes shutdowns.

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