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Why H2O Wireless?

If you are like many parents trying to decide, if you should entrust your children with new #iPhone - we have many great offers for you, from our AT&T powered partner - H2O Wireless!

There are multiple reasons you should get them Prepaid Phone service, like #H2OWireless

  • No Contracts/No Credit Checks - no long term commitment

  • Unlimited Talk/Text plans from $20 - provide means of communications, while limiting data usage

  • Variety of affordable phone models will confirm that your kids are ready for the smartphone!

You can choose from many bundled offers in our store: Alcatel Axia, LG Phoenix 4 or Galaxy J2 from $100, including first month of service.

Or you can shop online and get 50% off your first month and $250 off with qualifying plan, using our link:

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